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How To Write & Sell Your E-Book Offer - Main

Write & Sell An E-book in Just 7 days

Even if you don't like writing, know nothing about selling online and don't have a lot of followers!


So...Why should you write an E-Book?

I'm glad you asked.

E-Books are the EASIEST, FASTEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE way to earn passive income because you can sell them over and over and over again without having to do any extra work or investment.
PRO TIP: Join other beauty professionals who are already making bank by selling their knowledge and information instead of giving it away for free!
E-BOOKS require:

 It’s time for you to stop giving away your information for FREE and start making money
This course is SPECIFICALLY designed for beauty professionals who are tired of standing behind the chair and are looking for passive streams of income
​Hair Stylists
​Wig Makers
​Nail Techs
​Lash Techs
You have information, skills and knowledge to share that people would pay you for and we're gonna show you how to do it.
✅ want to earn money 24 hours a day without working behind the chair
✅ want to establish yourself as an EXPERT in your field.
✅ have wanted to write a book for the longest, but could not figure out everything you needed to get it done
Then this How To Write & Sell Your E-Book course is PERFECT for you!

Why EVERY Beauty Professional
Should Have An E-Book...
(It's not as hard to write as you might think)

Work once, get paid over and over
​Get paid for what you already know
​They’re easy to write
​They’re easy to read
​They're easy to sell

In this course, you will learn the EXACT method that HUNDREDS of my students have used to write their very own E-Book in just 7 days.

And how they've created an extra source of income without exchanging time for money.

With this tried and tested method, you can monetize your information, expertise and knowledge. Learn my strategy to:
✅ create passive income with E-Book sales
✅ sell more products and services
✅ funnel people into your other offers
✅ AND establish yourself as an EXPERT in your field!

Write & Sell Your E-Book In Just 7 Days!

Yes, once you’ve completed the course, you will be walking away with your own E-BOOK that you can start selling right away...

✅ Are stuck behind the chair, trading time for money
​✅ Are fully booked and can't raise your prices any more
​✅ Feel like you’re stuck in the rat race of spending so many hours at work and coming home exhausted each night with no end in sight


✅ Waking up to payments in your account
​✅ Making money in your sleep
​✅ Selling your knowledge and information
✅ ​Being able to solve other people's problems and get paid for it!

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep,
you will work until you die.”
- Warren Buffet


Meet The Social Barber
Hey, I’m Season Bennet,
CEO of The Social Barber™
In 2017, Season Bennett quit her 6-figure-a-year corporate job as a Vice President at a Fortune 50 Company to become a full-time entrepreneur.

As the CEO of The Social Barber, her mission is to help beauty professionals create and sell digital products to help them achieve financial freedom.

She is also a wife, mother and barbershop owner.

She has worked with celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble, Cynthia Lumzy, The Official Razor Chic and Booksy.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside The Course…

✅ ​90 days Access To The Content
✅ ​Beginner friendly step-by-step video instruction
✅ ​Assistance In The Online

✅ ​Platforms Used In The Course
✅ ​How to avoid timely and costly mistakes
✅ ​Monetization strategies - discover how to make more money in addition to selling your e-book
✅ ​Selling strategies -- how to sell your e-book even if you don't have a lot of followers
✅ ​Learn how to put what's in your head in your e-book
✅ ​Workbook, templates and scripts


Your investment today: only a fraction of that, $97

(Saving $1,000)


 Want to have a peek inside? 



Lesson 1: 

E-Books Are Dope
In this introductory lesson, we will cover the reason every beauty professional should have an E-Book for sale. E-Books are better than physical books. In this module, you find out why!

Lesson 2:

What To Write About 
If you are unsure what to write about, this module will get you started ASAP. Start packaging up what you already know and turn it into another stream of income.

Lesson 3: 

E-Book Workbook
Discover my very own proven template for outlining, writing, naming and, most importantly, selling your E-Book in less than 7 days.

Lesson 4: 

Bringing It All Together
Even if you are not good at typing, I will show you how to use voice texting to write your book!

Lesson 5: 

Table Of Contents
When I wrote my first book, it took me forever to create the Table Of Contents. Find out how to automatically create yours using a FREE tool!

Lesson 6:

 Adding Page Numbers
Your book will practically write itself when you implement my strategies for automation.

Lesson 7: 

Other Pages That Are Needed
There are several other pages that need to be added to any type of book. I will show you step by step how to add each page.

Lesson 8: 

What To Title Your Book
Choosing the right title can even help you sell more books. Find out why!

Lesson 9: 

What To Charge
Confused about how much to charge for your e-book? In this module, you will learn how to price your e-book.

Lesson 10: 

Creating The Cover
No graphic designer needed...Learn how to create your own, professional book cover in just a few minutes.

Lesson 11: 

E-Book Graphics
Don't miss out on the opportunity to add graphics to your E-Book!

Lesson 12: 

The Sales Page
No website? No problem! I will show you how to customize my template so you can accept money automatically.

Lesson 13: 

Marketing Strategies
In this module, you will learn the EXACT steps I use to sell my e-books.

Lesson 14: 

How To Get Reviews & Testimonials
Reviews and testimonials help you sell more e-books!




Here's What You'll Get..

25 Digital Products You Can Start Selling ASAP!

Thinking about selling even more digital products to increase your passive income? Well, here you go! 25 unique digital products that you can implement as a beauty professional.

How To Brand Your Instagram

Make your Instagram work for you! I’ll show you how to create an Instagram feed that not only looks good, but makes you money on repeat!



Check out these e-books that were written in ONE WEEK from SOME of our students 


"This was hands down the EASIEST class I've ever taken. Season made it super easy for me to get my book written." - Uchendi Nwani

"After taking this class, I feel like I can write 10 books!" - Yvonne

"I had already started writing a book before taking the class but didn't know how to complete it. After taking the class, I was able to finish my first book and create a second one in just a few days." - Elizabeth Cohen



  What exactly do I get when I sign up?
You’ll get…
     - The How To Write & Sell Your E-Book course
     - 25 Digital Products PDF
     - How To Brand Your Instagram To Sell course
  What do I need to get started on my E-Book?
You need...
     - A computer with audio, wi-fi
     - A good attitude. 
That’s it!
  When can I get started?
You can get started as soon as possible. Once you purchase the course, you’ll receive an email with your login details and gain access to everything.
  How long will I have access to the trainings?
You will have unlimited access to the course, which means you’ll be able to refer to it as often as you’d like for years to come.
  Is it possible to get a refund?
All sales of this program are full and final, as if you integrate what you learn, you will get an E-Book by the end of the course. And remember, the total value of the course is just over $1,100, but your price today is only $97, so it really is an incredible value for the price.
  Will this course work for me?
This program is designed to give you all of the tools and resources you need to get your E-Book created quickly. If you take the time to implement the teachings, by the end of the course, you will have your very own E-Book.